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About Altporn…

Hi everybody! Today I´m gonna talk about some sides of what is is known as “altporn”. Many have asked “and what is alt-porn about of?”, so ok, the term wasn´t set by me, and probably each producer of the aforementioned style conceive their own conception and meaning about it, but there are some common factors which define it and a common denominator above all: To break some rules and stereotypes of conventional porn.

Some actresses have had problems when recording a shoot because their bodies show one or various tattoos, being that producers and photographers have rejected to work with them directly. And that happened not so much ago, and hasn´t ocurred far away; when I began in porn (2006) I encountered plenty of these cases and lived it in my own flesh… although I don´t wear a lot of tattoos!

Even somebody told me: “Do not tatto yourself more, you are restricting your work. Imagine you´re being called for a roman scene and they don´t count with you ´cos you are wearing tattoos!”. In that case call somebody which isn´t wearing tattoos!! In my opinion a real good casting has to be done by picking the girls that match with the character, and not the inverse thing!

Nowadays (and forced in many cases), things are changing due to the tatto´s increasing popularization, but in the begining of the Altporn, this was a distinctive character. Who wouldn´t like to shoot with this youthfully babe, as example?


That´s what a conventional producer would say: “No! you cannot make porn, you are over tattooed!”

Let´s say it´s passing from the american porn stereotype with explosive blondies to stare at many other possibilities. The Porn industry was becoming in a so sepparate, far from reality world. Many people likes it that way, and its completely respectful, but in the other hand it ´s logic fresh ideas began to flow and some barriers were teared down, and so that the altporn is an alternative for everybody.


When I arrange myself to enjoy some porn scene, I like that the characters involved in it enjoy sex and make me accomplice and part of these moments as a spectator. Unfortunately, some productions don´t achieve this proposal. In many cases certain expressions, attitudes in front of the camera kill every magic and this appetite of masturbation vanishes instantly. Some of who not know my labor in depth as an altporn author think that I do some kind of “feminist” porn or something like that. Nice, but it´s not that way. The correct definition would be “I like that women enjoy too while shooting, truthfully.


I believe it´s not a question about topics or stereotypes. Rather it means to rise the women´s pleasure to the men´s same level, neither more nor less. The Altporn remarks in the mutual excitement, a shoots which invite to masturbation whatever is your human condition, be man or woman. And finally they don´t get married! yes, the girl can show off about having a good orgasm, thing that the spectator acknowledges, from my point of view. This doesn´t have to be a reason for decreasing the intensity of a shoot. The Altporn may contain hard sex, really hard, if this way is what the actors really want to. I always ask to the active roles what they would like to do before start shooting, apart from sepparate cases which demand prestablished issues, not sexual, as a dialog for example. I leave them fucking at ease, that they masturbate or fuck as they are used to do it in their privacy and overall they get reaching to orgasm during the record, but without forcing anything.


All of what I´ve gone telling about this genre is merely a personal view and experience that not applies strictly, as you can imagine. Each director puts in his personal mark and offers us a more wide scape that here posted. Irina, as author wants to show you a more next to reality porn (the boys and girls leads the shoot practising the sex which more likes them personally), with some cinematographic touches, a natural lighting and catching in each moment the sensuality which models give off… with the goal of making the viewer accomplice in the scene, that the camera be his eyes moving by the skin and he/she can get lost that intimate moments; other Altporn authors specialize more in the aestetic content, keeping a particular line regarding the shoots. We can watch online gothic porn webs or cyberporn, with a rocker sense and lots of tattoos. While others look for a full clear image, with zero artificiality, without operated breasts and using actresses that in many aspects could be runway models; Nerd Porn… yes, there is some alt-porn for geeks or gamers. Blue Blood, Burning Angel, X-art, Vivid Alt are other webs in which you can find this kind of contents.


In short, this is not porn for women, but I thinks is a porn which most of women will enjoy for being closer to sexual reality which we live today. Here you have another key to define Altporn or at least I conceive it as author. The way I record sex is another important part in my job and which defines my own style.


For ending, I hope this compilation of posts has been explanatory both for the unknowing of Altporn, as for those who didn´t know about my labour. Everybody tells that every kind of situations has been recorded in porn, that everything is recorded, but referring to the way of showing sex to people I believe many things can be done yet!!






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Irina is the founder and CEO of Altporn4U. Since 2007 she’s producing and directing clips for adults, bringing the sex to the screen in an explicit and creative way. The precursor of this movement in Spain, Irina offers an inimitable view of sex and pornography.


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