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Gabriel Sergent – Alternative Photographers

Speaking of my friend Gabriel Sergent is talking about a rising star in the field of erotic photography, although eroticism is not the only field that this handsome young man takes on with his camera, as his work develops primarily a creative photography, the twist and originality in spurts.

gabriel sergent

I met him about two years ago. My friend Silvia Ruby brought Gabriel to home during a crazy night, the day of my birthday to be exact, and by quirk of fate he ended up becoming his partner and therefore my roommate for a few months. Now both reside in Berlin and the photographic work of Gabriel is bearing good results and new ideas. If there is something I love about him is his fireproof vitality and outlook on life. 

gabriel sergent silvia rubi irina vega

Although he does not reach the thirties, he goes stomping  wherever he goes and leaves no one indifferent after meeting him. His relationship with Silvia has given him the opportunity to bring his art to the torrid grounds, in which he moves like a fish in water and has already surprised us with collected works as The Shades of Eros, a book containing a  delicious instants and are able to hit one great joy to the eyes of anyone.

gabriel sergent silvia rubi 5

He has an clinic eye for capturing the sensuality and curves of women, and also his sessions overflow in color and originality on all four sides. His waste of sympathy and lack of limits in creating, make to work with him be fluid and fun.

gabriel sergent silvia rubi maya homerton

As far as experience is concerned, Gabriel has studied at EFTI, training which has complemented perfectly his creative side. Knower both analog and digital fields, opts for the latter to perform spectacular finishes with surprising results, helped by a good photographic base and a good sense to measure light and color, whether in outdoor environments such as photography studio. That’s why to browse the photos we can detect a great brightness and colorful.

gabriel sergent silvia rubi 4 gabriel sergent silvia rubi 1 gabriel sergent pamela sanchez

gabriel sergent silvia rubi 2

gabriel sergent silvia rubi 3

gabriel sergent 2

gabriel sergent maya homerton 2

gabriel sergent maya homerton

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