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Behind the Scenes: Monster Quest

I talked to you about Adrian Mur in the last Behind the Scenes, when I told you anecdotes about The Witch, a scene I shot with Dulce Mariposa. Anyway, that’s not the only time I have worked with crazy Adrian. A few months after that scene, we made the pilot chapter of a future Altporn4U series called Monster Quest.


Monster Quest is a clear tribute to role-playing video game sagas like Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy or Chrono Trigger, with the typical comical touch of Akira Toriyama, and also combats in turns, magic, special powers and some of the best Altporn sex scenes.

The plot is developed around my character, provisionally called Pink, doing homage to Dragon Pink. One day, while reading a Hentai comic book, I start feeling some occult force coming from the comic itself and I’m absorbed by light beams and end up inside the comic book and its universe. After a long fall, I stand up and find out I have kitten ears, pure manga style.


Completely disoriented, I start walking around the fields in the comic, looking for someone to help me and suddenly, a three-dicked pink monster steps in my way and attacks me. I lose my temper and switch to warrior mode!! We start fighting and, after a big combat, my power is recharged and I throw a fireball against the monster, destroying him for good and then…

One of his huge dicks has survived intact to the fight and I have got horny, with so much action, so I start playing with the dick, caressing my tits and around the area above my knickers. When I’m pretty wet, I take off my underwear and start masturbating and putting the dick inside my pussy. After getting so excited and fucking myself, I cum with a huge squirt that springs out of my cunt, making me pass out of pleasure.

After pulling myself together, I keep walking and I find a treasure chest… What can there possibly be inside it?


That’s how the pilot chapter ends. Adrian and I shot the whole scene with a chroma key, you know, that green background they use in the movies to add the 3D sets afterwards.

As I was preparing the character and dressing in the kitten costume, Adrian drew the different parts of the scene just like they would be edited afterwards, although they were not shot in the same order because, to do it faster, first we shot all the combat parts and the walk in the forest, then the sex part and, when it was finished, we removed the chroma key and shot the beginning, which happened in my geeky version’s room 😀

Monster Quest somehow wants to make Altporn audience participate, as our intention is to let you decide what happens to the characters.

We thought this idea could be real fun and sexy and we decided to make a long series of 5 or 6 chapters where we get to meet more characters. The set is going to be designed by a renown Spanish Hentai artist Hentaivixion and directed and edited by Adrian and me. On the other hand, we want to display several alternative endings for you to choose how the story ends 😉

The idea behind Monster Quest is an innovative way of looking at sex, as everybody can collaborate with his/her own geeky fantasies, for example, two female Elves making out, an orc with more than one dick penetrating a fairy through all the holes in her body, or if you’d rather see something more extreme, you could watch how one of our girls pees on some monster she has defeated.and everything with that sexy Japanese humour. Come on, why don’t you join me? Let’s write the story together!



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Irina is the founder and CEO of Altporn4U. Since 2007 she’s producing and directing clips for adults, bringing the sex to the screen in an explicit and creative way. The precursor of this movement in Spain, Irina offers an inimitable view of sex and pornography.

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