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Published on January 7th, 2014 | by Irina Vega


About Cherry – Cinema Junkies

Welcome to another article about lesbian porn, pussybats!

Today, I would like to recommend you a movie that habe been projected in LesGaiCineMad (a really important LGBT film festival in Madrid) just a few weeks ago, and which topic has a lot in common with this website: About Cherry (2012), directed by the australian screenwriter and film director Stephen Elliott.

Heather Graham, Lily Taylor and James Franco, along with model Ashley Hinshaw, lead the cast of this movie set in something of the adult film industry in what we are really interested in: lesbian scenes. Girls pretending to be lesbians (gay-for-pay), and many others that really enjoy sex with other women.

It tells the story of Angelina (Hinshaw), an 18-year-old who is about to graduate from high school, and access, even hesitant, at the suggestion of her boyfriend of making ​​a photo shoot for money. She uses the proceeds to flee San Francisco with her best friend Andrew (Patel), and upon arrival, at a party of a strip club in the city, she meets Francis (Franc), a wealthy lawyer who offers to open her to a world that shows the girl as very attractive, where
expensive clothes, drugs and glamorous parties charge a lot of prominence. Angelina also meets Margaret (Graham), an ex-pornstar turned into adult film director. Margaret proposes to Angelina (who now goes by the artistic name of Cherry) go into the porn industry back in San Francisco, and starts to shoot some soft-core movies before deciding to take the plunge hardcore scenes.

The situation gets interesting when the links with both men begins to broke: Francis is angry after a car accident, they argue, she flees and, upon arriving home, she finds his friend Andrew watching one of the films that she has participated in: he is really confused and also angry, so he also decides to run away of that situation. She meets Margaret  in a bar, sexual tension explodes … and then it begins a story between the two women.

Based on the personal experiences of the writer and actress X Lorelei Lee, who also plays a role in the film, opens the door to that other lesser known side of the industry.

As a final note, has been awarded in 2012 by the Berlin International Film Festival.

Here you can see both the trailer and the full movie with spanish subtitles.

Enjoy it, babes

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