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Published on May 25th, 2014 | by Irina Vega


Baise-Moi – Cinema Junkies

Back in the year 2000, the French writer and film director Virginie Despentes and the also French porn actress Coralie Trinh Thi, directed the controversial movie Baise-moi, entitled Fuck Me in English, based on a novel Virginie had written the previous year.


I had the opportunity to attend a projection of the movie in Barcelona a few years ago, organised by Club Canalla, from Primera Linea magazine, where I met Sandra Uve.

Before the movie, Virginie led a debate with the audience, so we had the chance to ask her about the film and she told us multiple anecdotes.

For instance, she recounted all the problems she had had with the distribution and rating of the movie all over the world because, due to its high content of explicit sex and extreme violence, it was classified as an X-rated movie. Also due to those contents, many movie theatres, after projecting the film once, removed it from the billboard. Of course, all this trouble got ample coverage in the media. Virginie explained us how this fact had the actual opposite effect to what these people wanted, that is, they gave so much publicity to the film that even more viewers went to watch it.


Fuck Me is about two girls living in the margins of society, whose only world is drugs and street violence. They are both forced to escape from their hometown and take separate ways because of a murder. They meet under unusual circumstances but become very close friends, almost sisters.

Exhausted of their lives, they travel together and kill for no apparent reason, maybe for fun? who knows…

They steal. They laugh at their victims before killing them. They fuck every guy that steps in their way, and if he’s got money, even better! They don’t hesitate when it comes to murdering men, women, police officers… and have no regrets after doing it. They keep on killing for fun and self-destruction.

This is a drama and a thriller and a road movie, with a high content of explicit sex, where we see rapes, fellatios, sexual games and ejaculations as if we were dealing with a porn movie.


It is starred by the famous and gorgeous porn actress Karen Lancaume and the not so well-known Raffaela Anderson. There are also several French porn actors and actresses involved.

After this film, both actresses tried their luck in conventional cinema, detaching themselves from porn, but didn’t succeed.


In real life, Raffaela started in porn at the age of 19, victim of the society that surrounded her. She gave up porn after six years of excess and drug abuse. Then, she worked in some conventional films and even wrote a book entitled Hard, where she talks about her “hard” life, as she had been raped, when she still worked in porn, by a man who recognised her and the judge didn’t condemn him due to her job.


Karen, on the other hand, was a marketing student who worked at the bar of a club to pay for her classes. That’s how she met Frank, who deejayed at the club and became her husband some time later.

Karen’s dreams started to fade due to lack of money and Frank suggested trying porn and so, they began making movies. After a while, Frank and Karen separated and she kept on with her career in porn by herself. Karen worked with the best European directors and became a renowned actress but she didn’t seem to find her way to happiness and decided to give up porn. A few years after shooting Fuck Me, she committed suicide. Victim of a massive depression, she mixed drugs and alcohol in the house of some friends who were

 trying to help her out of the dark bottomless well she was in.


Going back to the movie, even though its directors claim it’s not a porn movie, it does contain explicit sex scenes. These may not provoke direct arousal, unless we think about the rapes, but others may do it, like the ones where the main characters use sexy games to take the guys where they want and fuck before murdering them.


This is surely one of my favourite conventional movies containing explicit sex. It’s like a French reinterpretation of Thelma and Louise, truer, wilder, with sex, drugs and such a great deal of violence it could have been made by Tarantino.  


By the way, I loved this music track from the movie. When I discovered it, I decided I had to include it in one of my shows, which I’m definitely going to do soon!!! 😀 Here’s the link for you to enjoy it too 😉



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Irina is the founder and CEO of Altporn4U. Since 2007 she’s producing and directing clips for adults, bringing the sex to the screen in an explicit and creative way. The precursor of this movement in Spain, Irina offers an inimitable view of sex and pornography.

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