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Nine Songs – Cinema Junkies

Some weeks ago I wanted to show to my boyfriend a movie that caught my attention. I´m introducing him bit by bit in erotic cinema and the truth is he is pleased! Nine Songs is directed by Michael Winterbottom, who many of you maybe know about by the funny film 24 Hour Party People, which besides of fun contains a portion of contemporary musical history and another historic interests as the boom of discos and parties in the United Kingdom.

Nine Songs also contains a strong shade about music and english nocturnal life, but it left on the commercial market´s sidelines one more time because it shows actors fucking and some parts which your grandma wouldn´t approve. And thereby basically the movie runs. Sexual relations between two young lovers and good music recorded live about an english musical scene, still going strong.

9 songs 2

The title refers to these nine songs that insert in the history of their two characters, coming from real live recordings of bands like Franz Ferdinanz, The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club or Michael Nyman, so already is a strong appeal if you like good live music.

9 songs 1
What you´ll find among these nine songs are sensual and passionate shoots that also favour a reflection about love, desire, feelings and the complexity of the human mind regarding to love relationships. All is intermingled, as we have told, in sex scenes which move closer to porn vision regarding the form of being directed and recorded. Although it is about explicit shoots I wouldn´t consider them pornographic excepting some small details. The film keeps floating in that erotic-porn limbo adding a nice acting of the main characters.

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