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Published on April 5th, 2014 | by Irina Vega


Salon Kitty – Cinema Junkies

Considered as a cult movie of erotic cinema, Salon Kitty is an obscene trip to the director Tinto Brass’ mind, who is the artist behind this and many other films that played with the border that divides eroticism from porn. Caligula, about which I already talked in another chapter of Cinema Junkies is a good sample of this and his masterpiece.

Tinto was an specialist when it comes to making movies with a very obscure and avant-garde plot for those times and dazzling intimate photography, including sometimes a quite bewildering sense of humour.

The story of Salon Kitty is located in Berlin, 1939, that is, the Second World War. In the brothel where the high ranking officers of the SS went to make their wildest fantasies real, one of these officers forces the owner of the brothel to hide tape recorders in order to listen to everything the nazis do or say so that they can be all spied on and therefore blackmailed. This is the way this officer plans to be promoted and climb to the highest rank. However, a gorgeous young girl in the brothel, in alliance with the owner manage to unmask the officer and see him lost forever.

salon kitty 02

Salon Kitty is a glance at perversion and fetishism where we see how the vices of prostitution users may reach unexpected limits, even the sick nazism of some of them is observable through sex, just like in a scene where a high ranking officer masturbating while watching just a girl wearing a stocking with the swastika, a hat and some speech of Hitler being projected on her skin.

salon kitty 07
Clearly, what Tinto pursued was that extreme eroticism which is almost disgusting. Men dressed as women with skirts that show their buttocks or wearing too much make-up to feminize their dull and boring clothes are very frequent in the movie, but always letting the pleasant and much more cheerful protagonists stand out.

salon kitty 03

We have the magnificent Teresa Ann Savoy starring, a young actress who would later join Malcolm McDowell with a leading role in the already mentioned Caligula.

Teresa was born in Italy. At the age of 18, she started posing naked for adult magazines. That’s how a movie producer saw her and asked her to star in several films. Some time afterwards, Tinto Brass chose her for the leading role in Salon Kitty and the truth is she knows how to give the camera what it wants. Her character is presented in a scene where she must take off her knickers and pull up her skirt, showing us her pussy, then she has to kneel down and walk on all fours while she’s called “bitch” and, at the end, the man and she fuck and bite each other wildly.

salon kitty 04

If you enjoy bondage, humiliation or fetishism, don’t hesitate to take a look at this film because it has many scenes where they reach the climax of an erection from an open point of view, and if what you like is the most classical eroticism, you can also check how this movie forces human mind to develop its perversions. So, which is your fantasy?

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