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Published on May 15th, 2014 | by Irina Vega


Sex and Zen – Cinema Junkies

Two or three years ago, I went to Sitges Film Festival with some friends to watch the biggest blockbuster in Asia ever, Sex and Zen 3D. I was so surprised after watching such a mixture of erotic cinema, fantasy and comedy. One of my friends told me there were more parts of Sex and Zen, so I proceeded to look for the rest until I could watch them all.

Sex and Zen (first part) dates from 1991. It was made with a low budget but a very clear idea, so clear that its success has lasted up till now, as they are preparing a new movie of the saga.

sex and zen 07

This film counted with Hong Kong porn actresses in its cast. The plot sounds a bit surrealistic, but when you watch the movie, you see it is not so. The story deals with Mei Yeung-Sheung’s life, a student obsessed with girls. One day, he marries a young virgin who, after a comical sex scene, discovers the pleasures in life and starts having sex with Mei anytime anywhere.

However, Mei Yeung-Sheng is not satisfied enough having sex just with his wife, so he visits a famous thief and asks for his help to enter other women’s houses and impregnate them. The thief decides not to help him after seeing his tiny dick. That’s why our protagonist gets the dick of a horse implanted and, thanks to the thief’s help, is able to fuck all possible women.

sex and zen 05

The movie has a lot of sex scenes, although some are real and some aren’t. Besides, it is shot as if it was a fairy tale, what makes it odd but original at the same time.

sex and zen 01

Some years later, in 1994, its second part (Sex and Zen 2) came out and it was even more successful. It was starred by the gorgeous actress Shu Qi, at her very beginnings.

You may remember the actress Shu Qi  from the movie Transporter but, before becoming a celebrity in Hong Kong and succeeding in Hollywood, Shu Qi was a Playboy star.

sex and zen 08

Sex and Zen 2 is the story of a demon that steals the people’s energy by fucking them. This demon can take a female or a male shape, although he usually takes the female one.

There’s a warrior, called Iron Man, who has been after her for years to beat her for good. She is finally beaten after a fight full of magic, demons and lust. At the end of this battle, she is won in a lesbian scene where the first to cum loses. The movie also counted with, in my opinion, amazingly beautiful porn actresses. The sex scenes are more explicit but keep the magic of its predecessor.

sex and zen 02

In this film, we can see cumming contests, where the winner is the one who manages to cum further, threesomes, multi-dicked demons and, above all, sex scenes shot so that the eroticism almost fades into porn and, sincerely, it’s just impossible not to be turned on!

Sex and Zen 3D came out in 2011. This movie was the greatest blockbuster in Asia ever, making double the income of James Cameron’s Avatar.

sex and zen 04

It’s similar to the first film, with porn actresses and a similar plot dealing with a man that replaces his dick with a horse one to satisfy the most insatiable women. It also has a lot of humour, for instance there’s a parody of Kill Bill, and a lot of sex.

It was advertised as the 3D version of the first movie and it is as spicy as the previous ones, although more pornographic than the first one, which was more erotic.

sex and zen 09



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