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Published on December 4th, 2014 | by Irina Vega


Cicciolina – Erotic Myths

When we speak about myths among porn actresses we could speak about Jenna Jameson, Belladonna or Jill Kelly but a bigger myth without any doubt is Ilona Staller, better known as Cicciolina.


Ilona was born on November 26th 1951 in Budapest, Hungary. In 1964 she started working as a model in a hungarian agency called M.T.

It is said that she worked with the hungarian information agency leaking reports on the american diplomats who stayed at the hotel of Budapest where she worked as an assistant at the end of the sixties.

Ilona met an italian boy with whom she fell in love and moved to Italy. She didn’t take much in noticing that the relationship didn’t make sense and she dumped the guy and continued with her modelling career.

She continued modelling until she was hired to take part in a bunch of erotic comedies where we can see her at her highest point to date. No one would dare deny the sexuality that girl gave off. Soon after she was hired for a horror movie called “Five women for the murderer” (not to be confused with Bava’s film). She also worked along with Gloria Guida in the comedy “La liceale” (“The school-girl”)

cicciolina lesbian
In 1973 she received a phone call that changed everything, the call of the porn director and producer Riccardo Schicchi, who offered her a part in a film of his. Ilona took the step and started to star in adult films, work that she combined with an erotic radio show. It was then when she changed her stage name to Cicciolina.

cicciolina porn
Cicciolina realized that porn productions were becoming more and more monotonous, so she created her own style and started to put her finger on topics that weren’t discussed before. In her films we could see group sex, Cicciolina double penetrated in her pussy and anus by black men with huge dicks in “Bananas & Chocolate”. In “Red telephone” she performed a golden rain. She even dared to take a shit on a man while another man took photographs behind some bushes, in a voyeurism style.

There was a film that became an urban legend, because in it she was believed to have blown a dog. In that film, called “Cicciolina Number One”, she has some group sex and she performs a striptease with a snake. The one who blew a dog and a horse was the beautiful Denise Dior. However, Denise claimed that she didn’t and that there was a body double, but in the film it can be seen that Denise herself is doing it.

cicciolina comic bear

Cicciolina took part in many adult movies, had a comic about her adventures along with a teddy bear and was invited to many porn festivals.

She continued in porn until her retirement in the nineties to dedicate herself to politics. At the beginning of the eighties she had already created a couple of political parties and took part in NGOs who fought against women abuse, wars or furs. She took part in one of these NGOs with her friend Moana Pozzi, who had starred in many films with Cicciolina, but who was much more unlucky. She died of cancer at the age of 33.

CIcciolina focused in starting a political party to become the president. She asked for better work conditions at whorehouses, a better sexual education in schools, AIDS prevention, etc. In 2013 she ran for the presidency of Italy.

Ilona Staller presenta la sua adesione al Partito Liberale Italiano
She released a couple of music albums with catchy rythms and perverted songs, in which she criticised politicians and urged the listener to have sex. Cicciolina has always been a pacifist and she offered Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein all the sex fantasies they wanted to fulfill in exchange of peace… but it didn’t work.

cicciolina singer
Cicciolina has been a fighter, a succesful woman and a visionary, other and wife. She is currently into politics but if you want to know more about her life, in 2007 she published an autobiography.


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