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Gloria Guida – Erotic Myths

Erotic comedies, like Esteso & Pajares’ spanish films, were very popular in the eighties. Movies in which the main characters were involved in some fuss and wound up surrounded by naked women.

They managed to be considered cult movies after being very popular in their time. These films had a very low budget but were usually successful in Spain, where it was taken from Italy, where many of these comedies were made in the mid-seventies.


They arrived at Spain after Pajares and Esteso’s success. Videoclubs were filled with tapes of films with a short and ugly actor called Alvaro Vitali, known in Spain as Jaimito.

There were a lot of actresses during this period of softcore films, but not many were successful. The most famous spanish actress of that time was María José Cantudo, who currently plays a minor role in ‘La que se avecina’, a popular spanish show. However, in Italy, it was common to see actresses as known as Sylvia Kristel who was famous for being Emmanuelle or Theresa Ann Savoy, who was mentioned in another post for having major roles in ‘Caligula’ and ‘Salon kitty, both Tinto Brass’ movies.

gloria guida 02

But the most outstanding actress of that kind of films was the beautiful Gloria Guida, a natural blonde with a perfect body and an angel face. Gloria was born in Merano the 19th of November 1955. Her family moved to Bologne soon. There, she worked as a singer in her father’s bar. Someone spotted her and produced her an album, for her voice or her beauty, who knows.

It seemed like she was going to focus in music, since she had a minor success, taking part in San Remo music festival with the song ‘L’uomo alla donna non può dire di no’ (Men can’t say no to women). That was when she was spotted again but with different intentions and so her acting career started, getting a role in the movie ‘La ragazzina’ and ‘La minorenne’. In both movies she had nude scenes. She became a regular in nude scenes.

gloria guida 07

At the peak of her success, Gloria starred in some horro movies. Italian horror movies of that time were as successful as softcore films, with filmmakers like Dario Argento, Lamberto Bava or Lucio Fulci who ‘owned’ the screens. Gloria starred in an obscure movie called ‘The Bermuda Triangle’ in which she played a girl who was a victim of paranormal events caused by a sinister doll found floating in the sea. The film is quite bad but amusing.

gloria guida 04

She didn’t fit in horror movies so she went back to softcore films with pornish plots such as ‘Blue Jeans’ in which she plays a prostitute who is deported back with her father and turns on all his neighbours. In ‘The Schoolgirl’ she seduces her teachers and her classmates too. With the passing of time, she starred in minor films that fulfilled its goals with hot scenes where you can’t help getting aroused.

gloria guida 06

In 1975 she shared cast in ‘The Schoolgirl’ with Ilona Staller who crossed the line between softcore and porn becoming Cicciolina, the most famous porn actress of all time due to her perversions, kinks and obscenities.

Ilona was the first well-known actress to perform golden rains, eschatology and bestiality in hundreds of movies without any shame.

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Gloria stayed in softcore until 1981. At the age of 26, while she was shooting ‘Bollenti spiriti’ (‘Hot spirits’), she met the 44-year-old showman Johnny Dorelli (born Jorge Guidi). They fell in love and got married. He was twice divorced but with Gloria it would be different, a 26-year-old for a 44-year-old. They gave up films and focused in theatre until Gloria quit show business to become a mother.

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Many feminist groups have criticised her because of the nude scenes to which she answered: “I get naked, true, but I’ve never been seen naked while hugging somebody, only through the peephole, in the shower… It isn’t my fault if there are peeping Toms in the cinema. I don’t like cheap erotic comedies either. My films have a meaning, also in the criticised and misjudged scenes”.

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Gloria currently works in a successful comedy tv-show in Italy and even though she’s in her late fifties, her beauty is immortal.


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