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Facebook pages that you should follow: part I

We are opening this new section where I am going to recommend you Facebook pages that I follow from my two accounts, my Irina Vega model account and my Altporn4U website account

The pages at hand are about alternative models or other topics I find very interesting!! Anyways, don’t expect me to tell you to give a “like” to many obvious ones like Sasha Grey, models who think that being intelligent in porn is something to stress, as if it was an odd quality in this profession… What a subtle way to insult her workmates, don’t you think? Well, let’s move on to the list 🙂

Niobe Noir:  This model, apart from a gothic touch that I find very attractive, has worked, above all, in photography and she has the same name as my dog! (not kidding :P)

Niobe Noir

Mistress Minerva She’s another Spanish model that drive us mad!! Her appearance is impressive. She’s got attitude and beauty. Besides, she’s an absolute foot fetishist.

Minerva Pons

Alysha Nett One of the most requested models, she has thousands of followers and we are not surprised! Her fantastic photo shoots, her tattooed body and her look…they speak for themselves!

Alysha Nett

GloryRoller She’s one of the most interesting and multidisciplinary alternative models that I have met in Spain. Besides, you can see her HERE

 She’s a Computer Science engineer, a Fine Arts student, DJ, model and a true manga fan. She makes her own Cosplay designs.


Triz Täss Another super interesting model, most of the times squeezed in latex. Her punk goth look, piercings, tattoos and her deep look will make you unable to stop staring at her.

Triz Tass

Silvia Rubi Another model that had to be in this list! This Spaniard is one of the first Spanish porn actresses with an unusual look. That’s why she suffered the rejection of many producers but, step by step, she has found her own place due to her charm and beauty and also thanks to the fact that tattoos have become more frequent in models and so, now the acceptance is larger than a few years ago. We will still have Silvia for a long time!!


More recommendations in the next post!!! 😀

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Irina is the founder and CEO of Altporn4U. Since 2007 she’s producing and directing clips for adults, bringing the sex to the screen in an explicit and creative way. The precursor of this movement in Spain, Irina offers an inimitable view of sex and pornography.

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