Published on February 10th, 2012 | by Irina Vega


Rai Robledo

Rai Robledo outstands by his portraits. They are intimate, beautiful and extremely sensibles. Without exception.

His photos of daily life moves and captivates. The scenarios becomes familiar to the observer, who reachs to feel the breeze over the nape of the girl in the image or the touch of her skin.

“Feeling among model and photographer
The will to capture in a photo her breathing while she poses for you. The broken silences by the clic of the camera.
Take a photograph her curves as they are changing it´s form when you ask for it. A blouse that opens, skin that shines with light entering from the window.
Transparencies that leave of being it, inexplored moles. An accomplice sight that slip in your lens.
Her head falls backwards and leave her neck and shoulders defenseless before your lens

When you achieve to create that atmosphere and see that the model enjoys and recreates in each photo.

When in the image you see that there has life and feelings, beauty and sensuality.”


Irina is the founder and CEO of Altporn4U. Since 2007 she’s producing and directing clips for adults, bringing the sex to the screen in an explicit and creative way. The precursor of this movement in Spain, Irina offers an inimitable view of sex and pornography.


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