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Published on May 5th, 2014 | by Irina Vega


Cobra Mission – Gamer Zone

Do you remember the computers of the 90s? I had an Intel 486 I used to play video games like Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle and all Indiana Jones games…the graphic adventure games of LucasArts were amazing!! Larry Suit, Kyrandia… The funny old times!! One day, a friend lent me a game I had never heard of, Cobra Mission. That’s how I discovered the Japanese are just the masters of eroticism.

Cobra Mission is a role-playing game with sex and violence, but also sense of humour. Definitely, a pretty strange, but efficient, cocktail.

cobra mission 01

The adventure was about taking Jr Night to rescue some girls who had been kidnapped by a human trafficking gang, but the funny part of the story was you had to make out with the girls to collect information. It may sound weird to you so I’ll explain myself.

cobra mission 02

Jr Night is spying on some girls through a telescope when he sees a gang kidnapping them. Suddenly, he is attacked by a group of bullies that beat the shit out of him. Jr gets to a childhood friend’s home somehow, tells her he’s investigating the kidnapping of the girls and she joins the investigation.

cobra mission 03

The plot goes on in this violent and fun atmosphere and, as typically in role-playing games, when you jump to upper levels, every enemy you kill makes you gain experience and the more enemies you kill, the more skilled you are with weapons and the tougher you get in the fight.

So, how is the investigation developed? Here’s when the horny part comes in. You must question the missing girls’ friends to get information and you better do it right because you might miss big opportunities. The system is similar to combats but with sex. You start by flirting with the girl at a bar, for instance, and, little by little, you get to petting. If you do it right, the girl will invite you to her place. When you’re there, a big photo of the girl appears and you have to turn her on. The cursor becomes a pair of lips that you must move on the places you want to kiss, but careful with being curt or she will get mad and kick you out. On one side of the screen, you have an arousal gauge where you can see how aroused the girl is. You must keep it up to the maximum in order not to lose. If you do it well, the photo will change and you will see the girl in a different position or wearing fewer clothes; the cursor will become fingers and, if you’re good at it, you will get a dick as cursor and you will be able to perform the perversions you want on her. However, if you try to kiss her pussy or lick her asshole right away, farewell to the information!

cobra mission 04

The system to walk around in the game is pretty basic. There’s a bad quality pixel that makes annoying noises and you move in an almost clonic city, but the fun is so great that you don’t mind. The contrast comes when you talk to the girls or fight the enemies, as it suddenly becomes a manga story with quite good quality manga drawings all over the screen. Currently, it may seem too 90s but it’s still a very sexy game and I can assure you the sex scenes are absolutely arousing, so if you want to have cybersex and you can’t find anyone willing, just try playing Cobra Mission 😉  

cobra mission 05


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