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Published on August 5th, 2014 | by Irina Vega


Erotic myths from videogames II – Gamer Zone

In this second post about erotic myths in video games, we are going to talk about three really good-looking girls. Two of them are very tough fighters and the other one is sweet and kind, although a geeky mind could have quite a few weird fantasies with her.

Christie Monteiro

She’s a Tekken girl and was created with a drop dead gorgeous body!! She’s Eddy Gordo’s pupil and appeared for the first time in Tekken 4. Since then, Christie has been in all the video games of this saga. She even replaced Eddy himself for a while, until he reappeared.


It was basically like playing with Eddy, same techniques, moves and combos, but with a magnificent goddess of astonishing curves. She’s my favourite and my last choice when I play in teams because I can control her pretty well and she’s perfect to settle the score at the end. Apart from that, she’s an expert in Capoeira, so her moves and few clothes let you see much more than many parents (and girlfriends) would like.


When we are dealing with video games, we can always find from hentai of the protagonists, videos, action figures…and in the case of Christie, I have found something with real image!! Here you have a compilation of images from the video game 😀



Chun Li


She had to be here. Basically, the first woman from a fighting video game to turn us on. She’s a Kung Fu student although she uses some Tai Chi moves too. With her good girl face and those fast and strong legs…besides letting her underwear show when moving in a certain way, so that more than one had to pause Super Nintendo to look those pixels closer and imagine her blue knickers.


839799 - Chun-Li Gmeen Street_Fighter animated


She’s always wearing a qipao, a Chinese dress very popular among girls in the XX century, but which, in this case, is modified to let the girl move more easily.


This young lady is able to beat you up just with her perfectly shaped legs…we would just love to know how is sex with her being under those legs, She would probably never get tired!! She would grab you between them and never let go!!

736754 - Chun-Li Street_Fighter

I found a porn scene emulating some game between Ken and Chun Li, with none other than the exquisite Katsuni performing!!



There are plenty of porn videos with drawings, hentai and even real images with Chun Li cosplays. It’s such a pity that most of them are about her being raped, when they could be, for instance, about Chun Li beating them up and then fucking them xD




Yes, my dear friends, the last girl is Peach Toadstool, the little princess who’s always rescued by Super Mario from Bowser’s claws. The most bizarre video game girls’ drawings, gifs and videos I have found are about her.  

596728 - Angry_Sun Bullet_Bill Piranha_Plant Princess_Peach Princess_Rosalina Raphael_raven Super_Mario_Bros. Super_Mario_Galaxy goonie meme sparrow weegee

Well, she deserves it! I remember, when playing Mario Kart, she always won and she was such a pain in the ass, hahaha!! Here you have a couple of things I found about her.


Princess Peach in Mario’s uniform

153366 - Bowser Nintendo Princess_Peach Zone

See you in the next post!! Don’t forget to leave your comments and contributions, anything you have found from these beauties, or suggestions for future erotic myths. Who would you like to talk about, gamers?


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Irina is the founder and CEO of Altporn4U. Since 2007 she’s producing and directing clips for adults, bringing the sex to the screen in an explicit and creative way. The precursor of this movement in Spain, Irina offers an inimitable view of sex and pornography.

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