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Juicy Pink Box: enticing all women to explore their sexual fantasies

Welcome once more, pussylovers!

It uses to happen that real lesbians feel strange when we watch girl-girl scenes, isn’t it? So weird that it make us, in the best of the cases, laughing. Thus the parody video made ​​by Davey Wavey‘Real lesbians react to lesbian porn!’(attention to the special mention of the famous dildo-heels that appears in Andrew Blake’s ‘lesboerotic’ films). But why, exactly, we don’t like’em and what we see in these scenes that mess us up so much?

According to the Spanish website Hay una lesbiana en mi sopa‘lesbian porn is made as far as men understand it’s looks sexy between two women intimacy’. And so we find the typical topics repeated again and again: butch-femme stereotypes greatly exaggerated, terrible performances, silicones everywhere, fistings and harnesses as unique elements to fuck… Personally, I think it’s not just a question of the actresses whether are gay-for-pay or dykes (why it is assumed that people that have the same sexual orientation means that they feel desire between them?), but her performance turn us on, in the same manner as any other conventional cinema film actress is not really suffering, but transmits us that feeling and so we can get into the role.


Syd Blakovich & Dallas Fivestar

Moreover, besides being representative (amateur or POV scenes began to succeed just for that), porn should go further and create an imaginary of sexual fantasies based on what you may not be able to perform (watch, for example), or that you just want to enjoy as voyeur. In my opinion, I think this might be applied to the adult film industry in general: something that explains graphically with food (and in fun way) the video ‘Porn sex vs . real sex ‘ .

Today I do not dwell more (the theme gives to many brainy debates) and I present you one of the alternatives to a representation of sexuality with less artifice: Juicy Pink Box, ‘ lesbian sex with cinematic luster’.

The American production company, created in 2009, aims to show high quality productions and scenes of real sex between women, in order to make females of all orientations explore their homosexual fantasies. It has had since 2010 with the distributor Girlfriends Films, which has also worked Madison Young as director (Female Ejaculation – involving Annie Sprinkle- Lesbian Psychodramas, … ), and now has the support of Visual Pink.


Through its series, among which are “Taxi“, “Boutique“, “Hotel” and “Therapy” (all nominated for Feminist Porn Awards in 2012, leaving winning the first two to the ‘hottest lesbian vignette’), we can enjoy actresses such as Syd Blakovich, Jiz Lee, Dylan Ryan, Annabelle Lee, Justine Joli, Papi Coxxx (‘Mommy is coming ‘) and the aforementioned Madison Young. Girls for everyone 😀 My advice is to listen to your body more, seeing how you react, instead of crossing a scene because the actress looks like a prototypical girl: attitude is everything, girlz.

Who is behind this? Jincey Lumpkin, founder and ‘sexy headmistress’, former lawyer, married woman and titty-lover (like me!). Rated by various media as ‘the lesbian Hugh Hefner’ has been baptized as ‘a New York City Sex icon’ by Time Out, and selected to the list of 100 OUT most influential gay people in the world.

Jincey is also a columnist of Huffington Post, where we can read interesting articles such us 11 things you always wanted to know about lesbian sex but were afraid to ask, Masturbation is not a dirty wordor ‘Is there such a thing as spiritual porn?‘.

As a final curiosity, Juicy Pink Box has also created the project, an erotic social network for lesbians, a place just for girls with repositories having a strong global track from Lebanon to Brazil .

I’ve left you a couple of videos on my tumblr lesbian porn that you can enjoy free. That’s because I’m a lovely girl : D

Justine Joli and Madison Young .

Syd Blakovich and Justine Joli.


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Irina is the founder and CEO of Altporn4U. Since 2007 she’s producing and directing clips for adults, bringing the sex to the screen in an explicit and creative way. The precursor of this movement in Spain, Irina offers an inimitable view of sex and pornography.

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