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Milo Manara

Milo Manara is the pseudonym of the Italian comic Maurillo Manara (born in Luson (Bolzano province) on September 12, 1945), undisputed master of erotic comics, thanks to works such as HP and Giuseppe Bergman (1978), The Click (1984) and Invisible perfume (1986).

With the writer made in 1976 Pisu Sileverio The Monkey King, adapted from a Chinese folk legend, appeared in the magazine Alter.

In 1979 appears in the magazine Suivre his first work as sole author, HP, first installment of The Adventures of Giuseppe Bergman, which pays tribute to Hugo Pratt.

With the latter as a writer would have the opportunity to collaborate with Indian Summer in 1983 and again later with El Gaucho.
In addition to live exploits Giuseppe Bergman new album This Time Dream, African Adventure and Hidden Way, 1983 also present the debut of his most famous work, The Click, which raised his position as one of the great erotic cartoonists know up to four sequels, as well as being adapted to theater and cinema of real.

Within the same genus, Manara releases on The Perfume of Invisible which there is a sequel, Naked in the City, and one-animated adaptation, Jokes, Gulliveriana, Kamasutra, The Metamorphosis of Lucius, The Art of the whip, and Fatal Quote WWW.

In a more satirical, Revolution (2000) is a criticism of the powers of the television networks. Recently returned to eroticism, combined with science fiction, Piranesi: The Prison Planet.

For the filmmaker Pedro Almodovar illustrated his novel Fuego en las entrañas.

In recent times preferably has devoted to the illustration and advertising, in addition to digital comics and designing the characters for the animated feature The Legend of French Parva.

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