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Ready 2 dirty, babes?


‘The problem with pornography is the same with music, movies or literature: if you visit a music shop, or a record store, and you don’t know nothing about music or books, and you don’t know nothig about pornography, you will pick up 99% of a 100% of titles that gonna be ridiculous, gonna be terrible, that will insult your intelillence and the gonna do anything for you. I think that pornography is necessary. We, by our nature, wanna see what it’s no supposed to look. I mean, is the child inside us: that’s curiosity. We wanna see things in front of us that we may never do, or have to do’

Lydia Lunch

Good morning, pussybats!

I’m Bluttie Kat, porn actress and now sex-possitive blogger from Altporn4U.

Some time ago I collaborate in different publications (under various pseudonyms), and my main focus is currently broadcast my own website about sexuality: Sex in Pan! C (now under construction).

From now I’ll mesmerize you with different lovely girl-girl photographs and videos, thinking just in us: that’s my work as a lesbian slut, to make happy kinky (and not neccesary kinky) lesbian sluts like me. Because we, dykes that love sex (oh, please, babe, don’t lie! I know you like boobs and pussies as much as I do!),  need and wanna enjoy it, and not just collaterally. I’m I wrong?

My pervert plan, my horny intention, is focus the content in an absolutely audiovisual material, by giving you some information about the actress/director/producer, and add also some links that you can delve into one and the other.

Today, for now, to whet your appetite, we start with two key figures within the lesbian porn: Justine Joli and Madison Young.

Ready 2 dirty, babes?


Justine Joli: readhead of your hottest dreams

Erotic model and porn actress, this 32-year-Missouri beauty, has over 18 years in the adult film industry, having worked frequently with Suze Randall, Danni Ashe, and Andrew Blake. She focuses her work since 2007 in girl-girl and solo scenes. I feature in hes career an absolutely interesting guide to oral sex, from the therapist and X filmmaker Tristan Taormino: Expert guide to oral sex. Cunnilingus.




Madison Young: sexual revolutionary and indie porn pioneer

Multifaceted artist, better known as porn actress and director, performer and writer. She created in 2001 the art gallery Femina Potens (San Francisco), dedicated to LGBT artists and kink. He has worked various orientations productions, such as Hutsler, Taboo, and On Our Backs, having been honored for his scenes of bondage/suspensions. She has appeared also in lots television shows and documentaries, like Mutantes,  fromVirginie Despentes (Theory King Kong).

By the other side, as a sex educator, she offers confidential and individual coaching sessions that allow to safely explore sexuality, and travel to universities, organizations, and conferences world wide speaking on the topic of sexuality, feminism, pornography, kink, erotic art & culture  and motherhood/sexuality.  Some of her workshops are, for example, ‘demystifying the G-Spot and Female Ejaculation’, ‘BDSM 101’, ‘DIY porn: make your own porn’, ‘Sex, Pregnancy & Motherhood
’ and ‘Feminism and Submission’. I recommend you her blog The Sexpert Next Door.



And now, last but not least (and surely the best),… da horny moment!


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Irina is the founder and CEO of Altporn4U. Since 2007 she’s producing and directing clips for adults, bringing the sex to the screen in an explicit and creative way. The precursor of this movement in Spain, Irina offers an inimitable view of sex and pornography.

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