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Redheads girls

There are no fixed rules about sex, and above all regarding sex and our kinks. Today I want to speak about those heavenly creatures of reddish skin and suggestive freckles.

Redheads are white-skinned women with reddish or orangeish hair who have freckles and their pubes have the same colour as their hair, which makes them even more special.


In the ancient Rome they were persecuted and killed because they were supposed to bring bad luck, which was due to the fact that celts and gauls were redheads. With the passing of time this ended up being a matter of mere superstition. Scotland and Ireland have the biggest number of redheads and, even though they can be found elsewhere, they are not that common.

There is a theory which states that they are an endangered species because they have a recessive gene so it is quite difficult that two people with the gene mate or even more difficult that their children show it.

There are some mature actresses that show the atractiveness of redheaded women, such as Julianne Moore. In ‘Boogie nights’ she played a porn actress who falls in love with a younger man and I doubt that anybody would dare to refuse having sex with her. We could also see her naked with Mark Ruffallo in ‘The Kids are allright’.


Emma Stone is a redhead who has made herself a name after acting in many comedies but has had her big hit playing the blonde Gwen Stacy in ‘The amazing Spiderman’.

If you like them younger, Karen Gillian is your girl. Karen is a scottish actress, widely known in Britain because of her roles in ‘Oculus’ and the ‘Doctor Who’ series. She has become world famous thanks to the role of Nebula in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ in which she plays a blue woman with deep black eyes, with her head shaved. Nevertheless, her beautiful face and her curves has brought her up to the podium of the godesses.


In Spain there are redheaded actresses such as Cristina Castaño and Ana Polvorosa who have aroused many people with their mere presence or their mini-skirts. Castaño plays Judit in ‘La que se avecina’ and Polvorosa is Lore in ‘Aída’, both very popular spanish TV-Shows.


If you want to see a redhead in bed, there are many porn actresses. Dani Jensen, the porn version of Emma Stone, began in por in 2008 and in two years she had already shot fifty scenes and won many awards. Her resemblance with the actress of ‘Spiderman’ makes her look hotter but if you want smoking hot, pay attention to the bisexual lolita Marie McCray.


Marie started in porn when she was sixteen performing through webcam, but she was caught the fourth day so she had to give up. However, when she turned 18, she started modelling in porn and stripping until she could get in porn again.


And what about the best known redhead in porn Faye Reagan? Also known as Faye Valentine, this redhead with natural breasts and big light-coloured nipples started at the age of 22 in the porn industry. Her first interracial scene was in the movie ‘The Gauntlet’ in which she fucked 23 men who would come on her beautiful body.

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