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Sexual Harassment from Cam4 Spain and Professional Abuse to Webcamers

Hello, I’m Irina Vega and I am going to explain several events that I consider quite serious that have happened for some years on Cam4 with webcammers and performers in Spain. So I also answer all the questions that you have been asking me these last months of why Onix Babe or me no longer work on Cam4.

I will start by saying that, in my case, I have been working for 7 years in the company, many more than people who have entered afterwards on admin and have had the shame of speaking badly and treating us worse. They fire all us of our weekly broadcasts in the Super Shows section, everyone, all of a sudden and without giving us advance notice or relocating.

When they tell me that there are going to be changes, they tell me to talk to the new manager of the section and this one says simply to me: GOODBYE. They did not even have the decency to tell us themselves that they were kicking us out, and they were entrusting that task to new people.

But the most worrisome part of all this is that one of their employees who came in about 3 years ago, harassed me and Onix and has been completely unpunished and continues to work in the company. I’m tired of being silent about abuses like these, so I’ll start from the beginning to explain everything that has happened.

About 7 years ago I started working for Cam4 with Silvia Rubí. We did webcam porno shows, twice a week on a Cam4 platform, which paid me and my partner for each show, apart from tokens as tips. Also, for the porn festivals that were being done in Spain, we used to hire myself and Silvia Rubí, HERE the link to Cam4’s blog talking about the first festival in Spain. They stopped doing some years and later I started again with Lilyan Red and later with Onix Babe.

Everything was normal with the webcam shows, until about 3 years ago and coinciding with the entry of Javier, the new marketing manager in Cam4 Spain, they decided to take half of the work and get more people to the Super Shows. At first they claimed it was for cuts, but we saw the ones already on the platform, which had added more porn actresses who are also webcammers to that section, mostly Spanish. It seems great to me that they do it to have more variety of shows, but they should not have lied to us.

So, well, we started doing half the shows, one a week instead of two, and of course charging half, all this without warning, from one day to another.

But things got worse when we started doing live shows again. I went with Lilyan Red to the erotic festivals and the marketing manager of Cam4 in Spain, was also in charge of “organizing” the stand in the erotic festivals. Once we set up the booth, he disappeared, we did not know when we had to do the shows, schedules, where are the locker rooms… we had to go and look for it at the bar because it was more likely to find it there than on the phone because we were calling it.

Every day festival he was drunk, stammered, left empty glasses of beer that was drank by the stand that was also abandoned, without anyone who could attend the public kept it clean. Our job was to do live shows on behalf of Cam4 on the stage, we did not work as stewardesses but we have eyes and we saw what was happening. So good … I thought it would be something punctual. But no, it was something that was repeated in all the festivals we attended from then on.

I also like to have my shows and I always look for a camera that can record them and also collect all the photos I can from the photographers who take pictures of our shows. Then I edit the videos myself and publish them in Altporn4U so that people who have not been able to attend the festival can see them.

Several times I told Javier that I could use my videos to put them on Cam4’s blog, I sent several of them, which I never saw published. Later I explain why I tell this detail.

All these images that I am putting in this post are photos that I got to publish them at the time (except the flyer of Silvia and mine, which was the first festival attended by Cam4 and the only one with a decent infrastructure). In all the others, nobody in the marketing team of Cam4 put a minimum of interest in paying a photographer or cameras or in publishing them, in contrast Javi did very shabby photos with the mobile and that was the blog posts.

Already in the erotic festival of Barcelona in 2016, several things happened… surely even more and we did not find out. There was one in particular that spread the word, because it was a scandal, and it was Javier had a fight with one of the performers.

Jordi Lucena and Alexa Nasha were performing shibari shows at the Zorrilandia stand, and one of the times they were going to the stage, Jordi caught Alexa on shoulders, and passed among many people who had been there public companions, etc. To Javier, he think that since she was defenseless and on her back, it would be a good time to touch Alexa’s sex. But she complained that someone had touched her, and Jordi turned around quickly. The people who were there told him that it had been Javier, they had just seen him, so Jordi went and beat him. A commotion arose and several comrades went to separate them. We were already starting with stronger things.

Later, at the festival of Alicante 2016, we were told by my and Onix that there had been another incident on the part of Javi, of course, with one of the photographers with whom he was sharing the Cam4 stand, since on that occasion he wanted to do so in order to save money. Onix and I went as usual to do shows, not hostesses since they offered us money that we considered very little for all the hours we had to be there and we did not accept.

So it occurred to him to ask that photographer who mentioned you, and he looked for a girl, a porn actress who was starting and who could do the job for less. But, Javier offered to pay more from his pocket, if every day he could have sex with her. Yes, just like that.

The photographer was annoyed and told him that he was not going to say that to the girl who was also his friend. So in the end Javier, spoke with Lukas el Bala who told him that he was going to take a girl to his booth and that he could also work as a stewardess on Cam4. If Javi asked also for sexual favors, I do not know.

Lukas aside, contacted me because he wanted to perform a scene for Altporn4U – Corsetted, in which he did not work good by the way, and I had to cut in the editing more than half the scene. He told me about a girl who was going to work there and could do the scene with him:

“For € 100 is going to be the two days of festival at the stand letting it play by the public and doing everything I ask because it is my submissive.” Quoted words that Lukas told me on the phone, talking about a girl who wanted to start in porn, was going to be her first experience in porn and her first festival.

Here are labor abuses of girls who start, taking advantage of the fact that they have no experience and still do not value their image, in addition to the lack of respect for work and the professionals, people who have been working on this for years.

The thing was getting worse as this character was confident with us. He asked us to advertise in the Clima magazine of our shows on Cam4, which put us in contact with them to go on the cover. Truthfully I cared little to appear on the cover of a magazine of contacts like that also had little taste, and more after to appear in other magazines much more important like Private, Primera Línea twice and Interviú magazine.

But, I said… come on, I do the favor that recently Javier had given me a vibrator that had been sent to Cam4. I spoke with one of the editors of Clima, asked me for a gallery of photos, besides an erotic story, all this FREE. At first all very well and correct, but when they had everything and the magazine had been published, I did not want to send a magazine to my house, he told me that she did not send it to me because sometimes she returned the courier service and went to the kiosk to buy it. I was hallucinating.

I tell you how the operation was. When I was asked for all the content to publish, I spoke with Luis (LMD Photo), the photographer with whom Onix and I had recently organized a photo shoot (on our own, Onix, LMD and mine work, nobody paid us absolutely nothing, it was a job for our respective websites) Well, what is my surprise Luis tells me that Javier had contacted him already and asked him for photos of us. I was perplexed, this man intended to take pictures and use them for advertising without consulting me. Luckily, Luis is a professional and did not give to him. But the fact of believing he think is in the right to ask for photos to another person, the work of others and want to appropriate it… already says a lot about that person.

Both Onix and I, we wrote the story and sent the photos respectively to do Javi’s favor, which we did not really want, then find out that nobody gives us thanks and they are not able to send us a sad magazine. I was very angry, and Javi finally told me that he was going to give us the copies of the magazines, that we did not ask them to Clima magazine.

Recently, after a year of waiting, I got angry and threatened to denounce him since no one had made us sign image rights or anything at all and they were profiting from those magazines than if they had to pay for them to buy them. So he got up and quickly sent me a copy, and you see that he realized the seriousness of the matter and he wanted to pay us $ 100 each for our work.

And this is nothing compared to what happened after…

In the last festival of Valencia 2017, Onix and if worked there as hostesses, since we managed to negotiate a better cache and apparently Javier compensated to pay us us a little more rather than having the problems he had with Lukas el Bala at the festival in Alicante, he told me himself.

In this festival, so few people came from the public, and on the first day Javi told us that he was going to fall in the face of those who were above him in Cam4 France. When we finish working at the festivals, it is customary to meet the partners in a group in one of the rooms and talk, because sometimes we do not see each other in a long time, tell anecdotes or just relax. The first day Onix and I were very tired and wanted to go directly to our room, not to another room were all the other pornstars are. As Javi did not have as much confidence with the others, he asked us if he could come to ours for a while, because he did not want to go so early to sleep, we told him it’s okay and because he was a little bit upset about the downfall of the festival.

Well, that night, was one of the times most shame I’ve felt for another human being.

I asked him about the subject of the videos that if he had put them on Cam4’s blog, maybe that would give Cam4 more visibility since they are very cool videos, that you could serve as promo and thus also “the ones above” could see the work we do. He said no, he had not even seen it. In addition he was already high and showed us all the time pictures of his friends with the phone, even one called him on the phone so Onix and I would send him a little greeting. Yes, those things that make some men boast that they are with women.

The thing is that I put a video, IS THIS IN QUESTION, please look at it is free and so you draw your own conclusions. She looked the video for a moment and said:

– What do you want to get me horny or what?

– No Javi, it’s for the marketing theme, but it’s the same …

Onix and I were perplexed by that answer, so we started talking about our things, since with him it was impossible to have any conversation, everything was directed to sexual matters. All he did was make ultra-macho and degrading comments.

For example, Onix commented …

– how tasty were the crepes of the festival truck, they put chocolate on top of them.

Javier: – I would give you my crepe stuffed with cream

It come such a point, we began laughing at the situation it was so ridiculous and telling him to stop being so unpleasant. We were gradually saying that we wanted to sleep, and he was not leaving… and when he finally reacted, heflat out told us:

– Well, I would be willing to pay you both

I stand up ipso-facto and when he saw my face… I think he understood everything at once and left the room.

The next day, he was hinting whenever he could and he begin to tell me things like how long he lasted in bed, how horny he was when he fucked, and things like that, as if trying to provoke in me some kind of desire about him.


And I do not want someone to think… hey! you work in porn. NO! This is a job just like any other, and we already have enough with irresponsible people who have no respect, who are few but there are. But what you least expect, is that your own manager is thinking of getting his cock in you, treat you in that humiliating way and that seeing that you do not get it then offers you money. It’s demeaning!

But the drop that made the cup run over, so I spoke with Richard, one of the heads of the Cam4 website that I had the pleasure to meet at the first festival I attended on behalf of Cam4. That by the way, he treated us very well, he and the two companions who came with him, both Silvia Rubí and me. Nothing to compare with now.

I told him what was happening, because I was worried about the image of the Cam4 brand in Spain, because I was seeing that in the festivals the thing was worse and was giving a very bad image.

If you are representing a brand, YOU ARE THAT BRAND. You should not behave that way because you are creating a bad image because it is your job and you are being paid for it. And the thing was not only drunkenness, it was harassment to the actresses in charge, touches to other actresses of other stands and attempts to have sex with anyone who crossed the road.

Richard was very kind and sympathetic to hear all this, but the mistake was that he told what happened to Peter (the manager of Cam4 Europe in France) what happened? that Peter and Javi were friends, and of course… would think that we were liars, that after taking more time in the company than the two of them together, we were going to lie about something of this caliber (yes, this last has been a irony) but even if it sounds like a joke, that’s what he thought.

So for the next festival, which was the one in Madrid, he decided to take me and Onix out of the way.

– Ah! that is, that we are harmed by this “gentleman”, who has harassed us, and on top, Cam4 take us away the work?

I told Richard, I was very pissed. He talked to Peter and they put us back into the festival. Onix was unable to attend for personal reasons, but we found a substitute. That was the last festival I attended doing shows.

Onix and me had scheduled at the beginning of the year to go to Barcelona too, but we were not told anything about it.

And while this was happening, they were still announcing our webcam shows on social media, both mine and Onix, as well as all the other girls that were not already in Super Shows like Amarna Miller, Lilyan Red , etc.

They used our photos to promote the web, without our consent and much less without paying for them or anything. Of course, I suppose that some professional photos like ours, attract more users than the amateur photos of the majority of users on the platform. Yes, all of this… ideas of Javier Alonso. The Marketing Manager of Cam4 Spain.

After the festival in Madrid, I thought that when the things were hot, Cam4 would prefer not to do more live shows at the moment, even if they would have had the decency to fire Javi of Cam4, but what was my surprise, that I was visiting Friday and Saturday to the festival of Barcelona and it turns out that… not only was Javi there at the stand “working” but at the Chicas Bala stand they were doing Cam4 shows like we were doing, giving away T-shirts and everything. Here the blog article from Cam4 where they talk about it, and we obviously do not mention us at all, Onix and me just disappeared.

Precisely, I was under the stupefied stage, when I approached Javi and this was the conversation:

– Hi Irina! How are you?

– Well, I see you’ve been looking for substitutes for our shows.

– No, no … those of Cam4 in France have contacted Lukas el Bala directly and they are managing everything between them. Better because that way I’m calmer.

– Calmer why?

– Well … because that’s what I do for my business, marketing

And I put a face of … finally, I turned my face and did not want to talk more.

You don’t know… the feeling I had at that moment. After working 7 years in a company, treat yourself like a real shit.

I have been more time and I worry more about the company than an guy that they have hire recently, that has no idea of ​​porn, and that this shows is behaving like an animal in heat, without respecting the people that we have worked here since years.

And you get paid like that. Taking you out of the way. Why?

We have always fulfilled our work, we have never had any problems in all this time with Cam4, and now they have started the problems … just when he joins the company. He is a person who does not know how to do his job and has disrespected us, and does he remain in the company?

All this continues to show that we live in a sexist world, in which the victims are removed and hidden, as if nothing had happened.


I can write what happened on my website, I can record statements in a video, I can report it and above all. I WANT ALL THIS TO BE KNOW.

It leaves a bad taste in my mouth because I know for sure that the creators of the web have no idea with all this, but it is their duty to study the people they are delegating, especially in these types of jobs, because they can use their “power” to do what they please as it has happened here. They don’t have anyone above them in the festivals, watching their work, those of other stands or other performers I doubt much that they communicate with Cam4 to tell them what happens. Only we were, that if we saw what was happening, that we suffered as well. We were brave and we talked.

Now it will be even worse… all this will continue happening and probably those that remain will not say anything for fear of losing their job.


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Irina is the founder and CEO of Altporn4U. Since 2007 she’s producing and directing clips for adults, bringing the sex to the screen in an explicit and creative way. The precursor of this movement in Spain, Irina offers an inimitable view of sex and pornography.

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