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The Great Encyclopaedia of Sex II

We continue our series on uncommon sexual practices, which we are learning from ‘The Great Encyclopaedia of Sex’.

In the previous post, we wrote about ACROPHILIA, ACROMOTOPHILIA, ALORGASMIA, AUTOFELLATIO and AXILLISM. Today, we will speak about some concepts that you won’t know about. Do you know what BIASTOPHILIA is?

BIASTOPHILIA: (BIASTO: kidnapping; PHILIA: attraction for): this refers to the people who gets excited by attacking a victim who resists and fights back. The rapist would lose interest if the victim gives up, he needs tension and fear to be shown by his partner. It is very common in serial killers and it is a behavior we don’t like at all. Do not mistake it for RAPTOPHILIA, the paraphilia in which the excitation comes from being the victim of a rape.

CANDAULISM: it refers to a threesome in which one of the persons only looks at the other two having sex, sometimes hidden in the closet, for example.

At the beginning of the 20th century, in France, men used to take their wives to a brothel to watch a group of prostitutes act in a play. Some women would have male roles wearing artificial phaluses. After that, men would talk their wives into having sex with another customer while they watched.

However, the origin of CANDAULISM refers to the story of the king Candaules, of which we have found two different versions.

– The first tells that Candaules, king of Lidia, killed his wife when she refused to parade in front of his soldiers naked, in order to show her beauty.

– The second, told by Herodotus, claims that Candaules wanted to show his friend Giges that his wife was the most beautiful of all women, so he invited him to hide behind her bedroom door to see her undress that night. He did and saw her naked but the queen noticed him and had him called the next day. To repair her honor, the queen forced Giges to choose between being executed and marrying her and therefore become the new king. Giges chose the second option and stabbed Candaules.

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COITUS INTERFEMORIS: this consists in rubbing the penis between somebody’s thighs. This sexual practice is used as a way of masturbating, due to the fact that it causes more intense sensations of friction and abrasion than in vaginal penetration. It is also practiced by couples who cannot, for some reason, have regular vaginal sex.

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SEXUAL SHOWERS: they consist in squirting with body fluids on the sexual partner to provoke excitation. The ‘golden shower’ would imply the use of urine (urophilia);, ‘brown shower’, feces (coprophilia), “roman shower”, vomit; “milk shower’, maternal milk; ‘white shower’, semen and ‘red shower’, menstrual blood.

The ‘white shower’ is the most commonly accepted and practiced. It is usually ejaculated on breasts, abdomen, buttcheeks or the face.

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PHALOPHILIA: (PHALO: genitals; PHILIA: attraction for): implies the attraction for a monster penis or with an impressive endurance.

The sculptors of the Renaissance along with some greek cultures didn’t care about the size of the penis but for its harmony in the total of the body. On the other side, romans or japanese love amazingly big penis and call them “horns of plenty” or “luck carriers”.

There is also a concept known as ‘microgenitalism’, which can refer to the anomaly of amazingly small genitals but also the attraction for them.

We haven’t found a better picture than this to illustrate this last term of our second post on uncommon sexual practices taken from  ‘The Great Encyclopaedia of Sex’.

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