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The Great Encyclopaedia of Sex

We have been revisiting this book recently: ‘The Great Encyclopaedia of Sex’, which includes an illustrated history of sexual practice with anecdotes, rare events, customs and traditions, prohibitions and obsessions. We must say that it has very interesting information, not only because some of it was new to us, but also because of the way of explaining it. We think we can learn a lot from this encyclopaedia and we hope you find it interesting too.

We have focused in the chapter about uncommon sexual practices.

ACROPHILIA: (ACRO: highest point; PHILIA: attraction for). An acrophilic gets aroused with heights. Bungee-jumping or parachuting cause an adrenaline boost that can lead to sex and passion.

ACROTOMOPHILIA: (ACRO: limb; TOMIA: cut; PHILIA: attraction for): an acrotomophilic is somebody who gets aroused by having sex with a person who has an amputated limb. Sometime they can talk a sex partner into bandaging a hand or foot to pretend.

We know of the existence of contact clubs for amputated people, as well as magazines with literature and pictures related to them.

In many webs, what can be found are digitalized pictures from porno websites. These are frequently modified to represent an amputation that could be attractive to acrotomophilic people. This procedure is called ‘electronic surgery’ or ‘electrosurgery’.

ALORGASMIA: refers to those people who cannot climax without fantasising with a more desirable sex partner than the one they are actually having sex with. You might have practised, although you didn’t know its name.

Sexual fantasies are mental processes which help the individual to experiment more pleasure during sex. Having sex with the same person everyday can get boring and that is why some people consider escaping to different realities while having intercourse.

AUTOFELLATIO: this means to blow one’s own penis. Kinsey reported that two or three men out of a thousand practice autofellatio. To accomplish an autofellatio, the man should be flexible and have a quite long penis. The posture which helps to accomplish a deeper autofellatio would be lying down on a couch facing up, with the back on the seatback and the knees touching the shoulders. In this posture, the penis would be in front of the mouth and if the body proportions allow the man, he might be able to suck his own penis.

We are aware of your interest in autofellatio and we promise to publish an entry to talk deeply about autofellatio.

AXILLISM: (AXILLA: armpit; ISM: act): Involving armpits in sexual relationships is more common in those european countries where women let their armpit hair grow. It is a very sensitive area to licking or the heat of a penis. For men, axillism means a narrower ‘hole’ for penis friction, closer breasts and avoiding diseases and unwanted pregnancies.

We cannot help that picture showing up at our minds.

We will continue treating different uncommon sexual practices thanks to ‘The Great Encyclopaedia of Sex’ but it will be in a different entry. Now you can practice and investigate by yourselves.

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